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Shenzhen Yitong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (TTS), it is a third party of professional testing agency, it’s focus on test, inspection and validation of industry and consumer goods.

TTS founded in 2005, our laboratory have successfully certificated by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) and the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). In 2011, we gain Public service platform of packaging technology in Shenzhen. In 2014, we gain Shenzhen city foreign trade transport packaging safety testing platform as well. The management of our laboratory is according to ISO/IEC 17025 “requirement for Testing and Calibration Laboratory”, which assure our laboratory is operated as same as the other laboratories in the world-wide. In order to satisfy customers, we keep improving our test ability, expand the scope of business. Till 2017, there are electronic components, communications products, photovoltaic products, rail transportation products, military products, large network cabinets, smart-home products, industrial robots, new energy equipment and other cutting-edge science and technology in our test items. In 2016, following the national layout, Dongguan Yitong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. was established in the vicinity of Dongguan National High Technology Industrial Development Zone, and we added mobile terminal product testing services to the original testing range, which provide one-stop service for enterprises in the zone.

As a professional laboratory, our principal of management is: Impartiality, Science, Accuracy, Efficiency, and Continuous Improvement. We always ensure the combination of high efficiency and accuracy of testing methods, always keep the combination of testing technology and cutting-edge scientific development, and establish an effective mechanism for cooperation with social professionals in all testing fields, which helps the development of national high-tech industry and the continuous improvement of testing industry.

 Relationship with the customer

Provide professional testing and technology service for customers, establish reciprocal and interdependent relationship.


 Our vista in the future

As a professional third party laboratory, our principal of management is: Impartiality, Science, Accuracy, Efficiency, Continuous Improvement. Besides, we have establish great relationship with other industry and agency to keep our laboratory's advancement and efficiency, this help our development keep step with technology's development.


More service you can achieve if you choose us

1.World-wide approbatory test report  

2.analysis according to test result 

3.Testing technology service

4.Seminar and Training

5.Structure Design and management 

6.Product Certification



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